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Do you have WordPress on your PC?

Many a times, I found myself spending time with the offline WordPress blog than the online one. Most of the posts in the articles tagged WordPress Hacks and Plugin Killer are a result of this.

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Drive Traffic To Your Blog With Every Tweet is good; I loved their statistics and the idea of choosing custom URL’s, but now is closing down. U.NU is amazing for its simplicity and just-what-you-need style. (I don’t use just because everyone else use it). Then one day, I tried – the StumbleUpon baby. Its amazing.

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Visit your Favorite Websites with a Single Character

With a simple hack, Windows users can access their favourite with a single character, saving the extra time needed to use the mouse to click the bookmark, or the time spent in choosing it from the suggested list.

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Getting Things Done with Tudumo

In a TED Presentation, David Pogue says exactly how Simplicity Sells when it comes to Software design. I think Tudumo is just what simplicity is meant to be. I can say that because I actually sold a copy of it. Tudumo is a To-Do list maker. It is a clean and elegant way to manage your tasks.

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Browser Bookmarklets for Popular URL Shortners

Some time back I wrote a bookmarklet for Some found it quite useful and told me about it via comments and on twitter. Here are some more shortners.

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