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10 Questions to Test Your Internet Skills

How good are you at Google? Are you acquainted with popular tools other than the basic search? Here is a simple test to see how much of the internet have you seen.

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Why You Ought To Use the Read More Tag In WordPress and How To Configure It Properly

The read more tag can dramatically increase the amount of pageviews on your site/blog. I would have gone further to explain this but Alex of Blogussion has already done an excellent job explaining this with his post; Double Your Pageviews – Pros & Cons of Displaying Partial Posts.

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Getting Ready for Windows 7

Windows 7, the latest potential winner from Microsoft is almost here. Last month, I found many cool Windows 7 pages online. After WordPress on the first issue, and Image Handling on the second, this months issue of “Best of @MillionClues” is about Windows 7.

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Happy Birthday!

On my last birthday, when I turned 20, I looked back and thought. What have I done with my 20 years? Though every moment is worth living, there was nothing I could point out as ‘something’. I turned 21 today, and here it is, my cute little space on the web, that I am a lot proud of!

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Easily Backup All Your Tweets Offline

Pidgin has a Twitter plugin. With this plugin, one can tweet, re-tweet and reply to tweets and send DM’s. This plugin can also be used to make backup of tweets.

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