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3 Ways to Use Twitter to Help Grow Your WordPress Blog

There are a lot of ways to measure the success of a blog or website. One of the most common indicators is traffic. It’s nice, because it’s something demonstrable and easy to analyze. Another less tangible indicator is our degree

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Display Tweets in Your Posts with Tweet Freezer

There are many reasons why you would need to show off some tweets in your blog posts. You might want to do so while: -Writing reports of any events that was extensively covered by live tweets. -Sharing a funny story from twitter where you might have to show some tweets.

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How do you link to a Person? Twitter? or Blog?

Now that we are in the AT, when we decide to mention another person on one of the posts, you have two options – Link to their Twitter Profile? or Link to their Blog?

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7 Secrets to Great Conversations on Twitter

This might some trivial, but just wait before you tell me, “Dude, Tell me something I didn’t know”. Many folks do not get twitter, even though they do well with Instant Messenger’s and one-on-one chats. After, 13k tweets and many great conversations, here are the secrets. 😉

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Update Twitter via SMS at No Extra Cost

SMSTweet works based on SMSGupShup’s Application development platform and Twitter API. SMSGupShup is another venture that provides various free PC to Mobile SMS services in India. Messages are handled by SMSGupShup, which then updates the Twitter Status over API.

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