XIRR: The Key To Calculating Your Investment Returns

XIRR is Extended Internal Rate of Return. For most practical purposes, it’s the rate of return you need to compare an investment against a bank fixed deposit.

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A Developer’s Guide To Translating WordPress.org Plugins

A quick reference guide for WordPress plugin developers who host their plugin in the WordPress.org repository.

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Creating a Database Using MongoDB

MongoDB is one of the most sought-after NoSQL databases. The open-source cloud platform has helped thousands of developers and data scientists manage large volumes of data with JSON documents and flexible schemas. And according to VentureBeat’s cloud revenue growth report, MongoDB

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Building A Screwdriver

In early 2021 when I resigned from my fancy pants job at WP Media (the company behind WP Rocket), my mind was set on creating a product. Here is a story.

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5 Best Online Recruitment Tools For 2022

Author: Christopher Hughes As stated previously in 5 Ways to Ensure You Make the Right Hires for Your Business, one of the best ways to achieve sustained business success is to hire the right personnel. To find the best possible

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