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PayPal Blog Hacked and They Dont Even Know?!

I was looking around for a post on the PayPal Blog and look what came up.

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How to Identify the Theme on any WordPress Blog

Often we come across blogs with cool themes and wish we had that theme, don’t we?. If its a custom made theme, there is no way out, but if its a Standard theme, here are two ways to get it.

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How to Fix A dll Problem

The very first step in the course of solving a problem is to find out the root cause and the various reasons behind the problem. The registry structure of a computer is such that it is composed of a number of .dll files. These dynamic link library files are imperative for the smooth execution of the various applications as well as programs, residing within the memory of the computer.

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Visit your Favorite Websites with a Single Character

With a simple hack, Windows users can access their favourite with a single character, saving the extra time needed to use the mouse to click the bookmark, or the time spent in choosing it from the suggested list.

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Browser Bookmarklets for Popular URL Shortners

Some time back I wrote a bookmarklet for Some found it quite useful and told me about it via comments and on twitter. Here are some more shortners.

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