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Web Hosting Guide 2.0

Checkout Web Hosting Rating. It’s again a Hosting Rating service, that looks like a variant of Web Hosting Geeks, but it sure does have more categories and more options. For those who care, these guys have been out there since 2002.

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Blogs of Note – 2009

OK. This is a post honoring four bloggers who travelled way lot during the past year. They may not seem very successful in all respects, but they sure know what they are doing. Presenting, In no specific order…

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Choose Your Next Web Host Wisely

What if you could pass a piece of paper around and ask all your friends to rate their favorite host on various parameters, say Uptime, Support, and so on?

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5 Corporate Blogging Best Practices

Best Blogging Practices might sound like an oxymoron when blogging itself is loosely defined. Blogging itself is defined in many ways by many people and I am going to try to give away some of the tips which I find will help corporate blogs reach out to their audience better.

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7 Secrets to Great Conversations on Twitter

This might some trivial, but just wait before you tell me, “Dude, Tell me something I didn’t know”. Many folks do not get twitter, even though they do well with Instant Messenger’s and one-on-one chats. After, 13k tweets and many great conversations, here are the secrets. 😉

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