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How Much Free Support Is Fair Enough?

How much time should you give away for free? Where do you draw the line? I share my thumb rule that helps me decide when I do a job for free and when I should bill the client.

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Proven Brainstorming Techniques To Boost Your Efficiency

Brainstorming is a traditional way of searching for methods of problem solving, no matter what the problem is: from preparing for research thesis writing to everyday life projects. In order to make brainstorming as efficient as possible, you need to

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5 Simple Tips To Be Physically Active And Fit Despite Your Busy Schedule

Sounds a bit ironic? Doesn’t a busy schedule equate to being physically active? No, not really. Tell that to a guy who sits half a day grating his fingers away on his computer, unsigned papers stacked 10 feet on his

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Taking Screenshots without Rooting or App on Android Gingerbred (2.3) and Icecream Sandwich (4.0)

Taking Screenshots without Rooting or any App on Android Gingerbred (2.3) and Icecream Sandwich (4.0). Rooting comes as an inbuilt feature

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Running Out of Ideas? 3 Tips on Finding New Material for Your Blog

Here are a few tips to generate new ideas and get over your “blogger’s block”.

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