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Free Up Unused RAM in Firefox, Work Faster

Restarting is not a big deal, if you have free bandwidth and have the habit of completing everything you started. That doesn’t describe me at all. Luckily, I stumbled over a amazing plugin called RAMBack.

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Visit your Favorite Websites with a Single Character

With a simple hack, Windows users can access their favourite with a single character, saving the extra time needed to use the mouse to click the bookmark, or the time spent in choosing it from the suggested list.

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Recover Closed Firefox Tabs Easily Using JavaScript

Right click on your Firefox bookmarks tool bar and select “New Bookmark”. Fill in the name with “BACK !!”. That’s the name of our cool powerful back button. In the location box just copy & paste the script below and click Add.

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How to Browse Faster on Limited Bandwidth

Let me explain how I survive on a limited plan with just 1 GB free usage and yet take home most of the web! Mostly, my monthly usage is under 950 MB and I have never exceeded the 1 GB limit.

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Add a Fast Forward Button to Respect Reader’s Time

your regular readers and the tech savvy crowd need no introduction; they need the core matter alone. What if you could add a ?jump to content? or ?fast forward? button? Make your own Fast Forward Button!

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