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Best Free Addon To Capture And Share Browser Screenshots

The Need was simple. I wanted a solution to share screenshots as fast as I could. When I moved on the Windows 7 earlier this year (yeah yeah, am a century behind everyone), it came with the snipping tool and

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Group All Open Tabs into One Single Tab in Firefox

Having a lot of tabs open is a distraction, it becomes hard to navigate after a while. Too many tabs makes Firefox slower and consumes a lot of memory (even after using RAMBack). I found a solution to my problem.

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Free Up Unused RAM in Firefox, Work Faster

Restarting is not a big deal, if you have free bandwidth and have the habit of completing everything you started. That doesn’t describe me at all. Luckily, I stumbled over a amazing plugin called RAMBack.

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10 Questions to Test Your Internet Skills

How good are you at Google? Are you acquainted with popular tools other than the basic search? Here is a simple test to see how much of the internet have you seen.

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Visit your Favorite Websites with a Single Character

With a simple hack, Windows users can access their favourite with a single character, saving the extra time needed to use the mouse to click the bookmark, or the time spent in choosing it from the suggested list.

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