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I didn’t have time to write a short post, so I wrote a long one

If you have a simile on your face admiring the irony of this popular joke (the title), you never realized that it’s not a joke at all.

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Affordable Professional WordPress Themes @ Elegant Themes

Many bloggers neglect the importance of a unique theme. They adopt one of the free themes available without even editing the basics. And they copy the designs of others without realizing that they are ruining their own brand. Why should you have a premium theme?

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How to Browse Faster on Limited Bandwidth

Let me explain how I survive on a limited plan with just 1 GB free usage and yet take home most of the web! Mostly, my monthly usage is under 950 MB and I have never exceeded the 1 GB limit.

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Interview with Founders of TweetPhoto: Photo Sharing for Twitter and Facebook

Something which Twitter definitely lacks is Photo Sharing. But now, a team from California is coming up with a promising Social Photo Sharing Service, TweetPhoto. It will be a Photo Sharing Service for both Twitter and Facebook. I did an interview with the people behind TweetPhoto to digg into what they have got.

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Is ‘Requesting a Quote’ the new Internet Marketing Tactic?

One the web, people often scans pages, and it is the duty of the author to create interest in the visitor and make him read. Those emails were doing exactly that; it created interest in me and made me read! Whoever invented this tactic did a great job, but please understand that you are so EVIL.

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