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Add the Fast Forward Button Right from the Post Editor

I used to keep the code in a txt file and copy them into each post. Not anymore! I created a Quicktag which lets me insert it into posts on the click of a button and here is how I did that. You can use it to create your own Custom Quick Tags.

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Is your Blog yet another Partial Blog?

In the long run, partial Feeds are not gonna bring you more visitors. Unless you have the highest quality, ultra-unique content, people are not come back over and over.From the point of view of the reader, the next quality information source is just a click away, why bother subscribing to a partial feed, when (s)he can get the same from a blog with full feed?

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Blogger to WordPress Migration without having to start over

Though there are ways to completely shift your blogger blog to wordpress and automatically redirect visitors to the new domain, I would say that you keep the old blogger blog intact and consider the new blog as a continuation of the old one. Why?

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Four Free WordPress Hosts Compared

In this post, I picked some trusted and worthy free Web Hosts and mostly used exclusively for Wordpress. All of them have Software Installer Script which allows installing Wordpress directly. They have cool features like paid Web Hosts.

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Blogger, Do Something to the Comment Boxes

Just for a comparison (in case you are a google employee), wordpress has a comment box right below the post. Once someone comments on a wordpress, it saves your information as cookies and fetches that when he returns the next time

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