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Two Common-Sense Logics that Make My Day

As I was jotting down 8 of my most favorite logics or thoughts that I use in my life, two logics that I use with the internet crossed my mind. These are just common sense, but thinking it this way, makes some things a lot easier.

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Happy Birthday!

On my last birthday, when I turned 20, I looked back and thought. What have I done with my 20 years? Though every moment is worth living, there was nothing I could point out as ‘something’. I turned 21 today, and here it is, my cute little space on the web, that I am a lot proud of!

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How often do you brood over your Blunders?

When StudioPress Themes (back then, it was called Revolution Themes), who had made their themes available for free download, decided to remove the free download links from their site, I uploaded all the themes I had in my collection and made it available for free download. I had the entire set with me and the post went popular in no time.

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Is ‘Requesting a Quote’ the new Internet Marketing Tactic?

One the web, people often scans pages, and it is the duty of the author to create interest in the visitor and make him read. Those emails were doing exactly that; it created interest in me and made me read! Whoever invented this tactic did a great job, but please understand that you are so EVIL.

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Forward Emails Responsibly and Help Fight Spam

We are often deceived and often confused with spam. I guess many of us are still confused with email spam and it’s our ignorance that spammers exploit. Did you know that you were helping spammers a lot? I know you would not agree, but here is something that might convince you.

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