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Long Time No See

Dear reader, This is not an article promising that I am back to blogging nor is this an apology. It has been roughly 4 years since I last wrote here. A lot has changed for you, me and the web.

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5 Plugins WordPress should Adopt

These plugins are so simple and light that the WordPress team should consider including them in the WordPress core. If you have missed any of these, use them; else consider this as an email to the WordPress team!

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Blogger, Do Something to the Comment Boxes

Just for a comparison (in case you are a google employee), wordpress has a comment box right below the post. Once someone comments on a wordpress, it saves your information as cookies and fetches that when he returns the next time

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Is ‘Requesting a Quote’ the new Internet Marketing Tactic?

One the web, people often scans pages, and it is the duty of the author to create interest in the visitor and make him read. Those emails were doing exactly that; it created interest in me and made me read! Whoever invented this tactic did a great job, but please understand that you are so EVIL.

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Forward Emails Responsibly and Help Fight Spam

We are often deceived and often confused with spam. I guess many of us are still confused with email spam and it’s our ignorance that spammers exploit. Did you know that you were helping spammers a lot? I know you would not agree, but here is something that might convince you.

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