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Guest Blogging Gives you What Google Doesn’t

Building a Brand of your own and gaining authority must be the ultimate aim of every blogger. Revenue and readers will definitely follow. But, branding yourself is not as easy as it sounds. It takes time and lots of hard work. Let’s see how Guest Blogging can help you in Branding…

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What makes a healthy investor?

There are some good traits of portfolio which makes it better than others. A good and strong portfolio has some strong elements or parameters which it must meet. These are the Pillars for a strong Portfolio or Investment.

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5 Awesome Plugins for Community Building

These wordpress Plugins will help you network better and stay in touch with your readers. Networking is the key to build a great community!

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Forward Emails Responsibly and Help Fight Spam

We are often deceived and often confused with spam. I guess many of us are still confused with email spam and it’s our ignorance that spammers exploit. Did you know that you were helping spammers a lot? I know you would not agree, but here is something that might convince you.

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Slides from Amrita Fooster 2009

I also gave a presentation on Blogging Basics to some cool folks there and the presentation is embedded here. The presentation is a very basic course on starting and running a blog.

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