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A premium wordpress theme is a definite add-on to your blog and your online image. A good theme is a framework where you can build your blog. A good unique theme is a factor in your success as a blogger.

Sadly, many bloggers neglect the importance of a unique theme. They adopt one of the free themes available without even editing the basics. And they copy the designs of others without realizing that they are ruining their own brand!

Why should you have a premium theme?

  • A premium theme is seldom over-used, so it helps you stand out from the rest.
  • Premium themes are well structured and well coded and often updated, so you can be sure that you have a great framework to blog on.
  • Premium themes are of top-notch quality; it helps you brand your blog better.
  • A blog with a premium theme sends out the message, ‘I am damn serious about blogging’!

What keeps the bloggers away from a Premium theme is often the cost factor. Bloggers who fail to realize the importance of a unique theme are lured by the wide pool of free themes, not to mention the hole that a premium theme might leave on their pockets.

Twist in Story!

Elegant themes come to your rescue!  Elegant WordPress Themes do not sell you the themes as such. Instead you get a club membership for one year. You are free to download all the available themes as long as you have the membership and you can use those themes even after your membership is over!

One year membership at Elegant Themes Club costs $ 19.95. Right now there are 22 themes and many more will be added soon. So 19.95 divided by 22, is $ 0.906! I think that’s the best deal in the Blog Street!

Why Elegant Themes?

  • Out Standing Quality: See the Gallery and you will fall in love with them. It’s a hard task picking the right one 🙂
  • Elegant Themes look awesome: Remember netizens are scanners, not readers. A cool theme acts as glue and sticks them to your blog.
  • Great Support: The club membership comes with access to forums and you get great support.
  • SEO Ready: I have a habit of evaluating a theme by checking out the SEO basics on it. These themes passed all my tests. The basic tags and elements are right in place.
  • Unique: Each theme is unique and not a color change of the other.
  • Great Navigation: Though there are lots of cool features for each theme, the navigation bar with awesome drop down menu is worth mentioning. The comment boxes are great too. But that’s just the beginning; you will have lots to say!
  • Purpose Built: Some of the themes are built for specific purposes. For instance, the eVid theme is good for Video Blogging. It comes with custom functions to easily add and host videos. Some themes are in magazine style while there are others in the traditional blog style. Boy, you have lots of options to choose from.
  • Lifetime License: The themes that you download once you get the club membership are yours for the rest of your life! You can use it on any number of blogs and customize it the way you want. However, you will not get future upgrades unless you renew your membership and you cannot resell them or use them on your client’s sites.
  • Adsense Ready: Themes are designed with provision to insert Adsense ads and private ads. Great Ad locations.
  • Social Media Ready: Thought has been put into and themes are already blended with popular social media and social book-marking icons.
  • Full Package: The theme comes with all the elements of the theme including the Logos. Logos are included as Layered PSD files which can be easily edited to suit your site. Logo design is yet another issue and usually costs at least $30, but here you don’t have to hire a designer.
  • Highly Affordable: Already discussed, its light on your wallet.

Here are snap shots of some of the themes available. Find more themes and preview in the Themes gallery.

Elegant Themes - eGamer Theme

Elegant Themes - eGamer Theme

Elegant Themes - eVid Theme

Elegant Themes - eVid Theme

Elegant Themes - Interphase Theme

Elegant Themes - Interphase Theme

Elegant Themes - Bluesky Theme

Elegant Themes - Bluesky Theme

Elegant Themes - GrungeMag Theme

Elegant Themes - GrungeMag Theme

Elegant Themes - Bluemist Theme

Elegant Themes - Bluemist Theme

Elegant Themes - ColdStone Theme

Elegant Themes - ColdStone Theme

Elegant Themes - Cherry Truffle Theme

Elegant Themes - Cherry Truffle Theme

Elegant Themes - Earthly Touch Theme

Elegant Themes - Earthly Touch Theme

Elegant Themes - StudioBlue Theme

Elegant Themes - StudioBlue Theme

If you are serious about blogging you should consider getting a Premium theme and Elegant Themes is a good choice. I am totally impressed with the pricing of the themes and the idea of club membership. That definitely keeps apart from the rest of the world! Kudos!

: Elegant Themes would be an ideal choice for niche bloggers who have a series of blogs. Imagine how cool and professional your blogs would look if you have a premium theme on each of them?

Get 22 Premium WordPress Themes for $19.95 and tell the world: ‘I am damn serious with my blog’ 🙂

Hello, I am Arun Basil Lal. Thank you for reading!

I am a WordPress product developer and creator of Image Attributes Pro. I am passionate about solving problems and travelling the world.

Divi WordPress Theme - My Review

Divi WordPress Theme
Divi is a WordPress theme that web designers do not want you to know. It comes with a drag-and-drop theme builder. You can build beautiful looking unique websites without touching a line of code. Just choose from one of the many pre-made layouts, or pick elements and arrange them any way you like.

Divi is every WordPress developer's wet dream. Surprise your clients with neat responsive websites and have fun building them.

Divi comes from Elegant Themes. If you enjoy building websites, you *need* an Elegant Themes membership. 87 beautiful themes and 5 plugins for the cost of less than a candy-bar each!

Note: I am an avid user of Divi myself and this is a honest review. I wouldn't recommend something that I do not personally find amazing.


  1. Elegant Themes are fantastic! I have a subscription to them because they have great clean cutting edge themes without having to spend a whole heap of cash!

    • Yes man, themes are mind blowing. I should have taken one a lot earlier. Now I have one, I took a peep inside and I am speechless.

      And one big advantage is that you can easily swith between one Elegant theme to another Elegant Theme, so you can change the theme sometime and make your blog look fresh again 🙂

      Thanks for droppin by!

  2. Amal Roy says:

    Wow they are excellent and beautiful. I would buy one as soon as i get some $$$$. Thank you for sharing them.

    • Yeah, when you switch to WordPress you should get an Elegant theme membership. Someone should have told that to me earlier, I was too late to get one 🙁

      Better late than never 🙂

  3. All their themes are just pure awesomeness.
    Cant express my love for them.

    I just joined them two weeks back, else would’ve taken your referrel.

    • No probs at all mate, if you had come in from me, I would be glad to return the bonus to you!
      I am in the club too! see you in the forums sometime.

      btw, this was a ‘friend in need is a friend indeed’ comment 🙂

  4. Lindsay says:

    My only beef with the templates I’ve paid for is they end up having a lot more bells and whistles than the simple ones I’ve installed myself (AKA too complicated for a simple writer like myself to mess with, hah). I end up having to pay extra to have them customized by someone who can make me a logo and what not to replace whatever weird one came with the template. 😛

    Still, even with paying someone to customize a purchased template, it ends up being a lot cheaper than hiring someone to start from scratch. It’s something I should do for my writing site. 🙂

    • At times, paying for services is always the better idea than spending time on learning and doing on your own. Of course, if you are going to go further with something and like doing things yourself, always try a hand first, thats what I do.

      I guess you have to hire a designer for your logo, even if you are using a free theme, so that doesnt add up. I have worked with some other premium themes, but none of them came with the included logo files. Elhegant themes have all that, so if you know how to edit a potoshop file, you can do it yourself.

      Again as you said, you dont have to start from scratch with the logo too. You have a template to work on!

      Its good to see you here, glad that you dropped by 🙂

  5. Margaret says:

    I have no beef with premium themes, however it seems to me that many of them are the same frame with different graphics which seems to be cheating the buyer somehow.

    If I pay for a theme, I expect it to be MINE. Not one I can see on 25 other blogs around.

    • I agree with you. Even premium themes are spread all over. One solution would be to hire a custom designer, (which is something I am seriously considering now), but that would cost alteast 300$.

      Also themes like Thesis and Flexx come with lots of customizations. You should try one from them, with easy to handle theme options you can easily make a custom theme out of it.. 🙂

    • Hello Margaret, I am wondering if you are subscribed to this post. I tried to contact you via your blog, but the permalinks seem to be broken, so I couldn’t.

      Have you got any info about Lyndi of Nice2All? She was there blogging one day, and from the next day she was gone.

      Hope you are doing good, new theme is looking nice 🙂

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