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Update Twitter via SMS at No Extra Cost

SMSTweet works based on SMSGupShup’s Application development platform and Twitter API. SMSGupShup is another venture that provides various free PC to Mobile SMS services in India. Messages are handled by SMSGupShup, which then updates the Twitter Status over API.

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7 Tips to Live Tweet an Event Effectively

Of course, BarCamp Kerala should not be compared with WordCamp India; BarCamp’s are loosely organized unconferences, whereas, WordCamp is a well coordinated, international event. Still, effective tweets would help convey the ideas presented at BarCamp’s beyond the walls of the room.

There was another BarCamp Kerala, last Sunday (11-Oct-2009) and I tried to fill up the gap this time by Live Tweeting the same, and as far as I know, it worked. Here is a brief Analysis.

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Easily Backup All Your Tweets Offline

Pidgin has a Twitter plugin. With this plugin, one can tweet, re-tweet and reply to tweets and send DM’s. This plugin can also be used to make backup of tweets.

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Drive Traffic To Your Blog With Every Tweet is good; I loved their statistics and the idea of choosing custom URL’s, but now is closing down. U.NU is amazing for its simplicity and just-what-you-need style. (I don’t use just because everyone else use it). Then one day, I tried – the StumbleUpon baby. Its amazing.

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Browser Bookmarklets for Popular URL Shortners

Some time back I wrote a bookmarklet for Some found it quite useful and told me about it via comments and on twitter. Here are some more shortners.

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