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Latest GST Guide For Freelancers In India

Goods and Services Tax or GST has been a hot and confusing topic for freelancers. Here is some clarity. The original rule was that if you earned even a single rupee from outside the state where you filed your taxes,

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Top 5 Reasons: Why We Give More Importance To IIT

IIT or Indian Institute of Technology serves as India’s premier institute that has been known for producing top engineers in the country. IIT is a big institute, and it was established at the beginning of the 1960s with the intention

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This Is How Mobile Apps Are Boosting Indian Telecom Industry

The mobile application is the current Holy Grail for the Indian market, and every business in the country whether they are of the public or private sector is hugely dependent on mobile apps. Nowadays every business organization whether they are

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Making Money Online Still a Good Option In India?

This is analogous to the situation in India. Look around us. How many doctors or photographers have a website of their own? How many hotels have a online reservation service? Wont they all need a website in the near future? Who will provide online support for them? Who will market them online?

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Update Twitter via SMS at No Extra Cost

SMSTweet works based on SMSGupShup’s Application development platform and Twitter API. SMSGupShup is another venture that provides various free PC to Mobile SMS services in India. Messages are handled by SMSGupShup, which then updates the Twitter Status over API.

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