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The Secret to Getting Indexed on Google Real Fast

But Google has to crawl a zillion pages every day. And submitting your link to Google manually wont do any good, you know that, right? So how do we get indexed fast? Here is the secret.

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World is so Awesome on April First

April Fools Day is a time to write about those I-wish stuffs and play pranks. Did anything interesting happened to you today?

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Get Started on Search Engine Optimization with Google

Google Webmaster Central Blog is a must watch blog for any webmaster who would like to stay-on-the edge. Recently Google rolled out a SEO Report Card which is an impressive SEO optimization guide.

Here are some awesome resources from the Google Webmaster Central Blog that will help you get started with SEO.

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10 Questions to Test Your Internet Skills

How good are you at Google? Are you acquainted with popular tools other than the basic search? Here is a simple test to see how much of the internet have you seen.

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Subscribe to Blogs via Email without Revealing your Email

From the point of view of the reader, subscribing to a blog via Email has two minor short comings. You cannot get the content when it’s hot. and You have to reveal your email id to the publisher…

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