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How To Create Short URL’s on your WordPress Domain without a Plugin or Script

If you are on WordPress you wont need any of those. Inherently, every post can be queried from the database using its post ID. For instance, this link and this link point to the same post.

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Display Tweets in Your Posts with Tweet Freezer

There are many reasons why you would need to show off some tweets in your blog posts. You might want to do so while: -Writing reports of any events that was extensively covered by live tweets. -Sharing a funny story from twitter where you might have to show some tweets.

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Why You Ought To Use the Read More Tag In WordPress and How To Configure It Properly

The read more tag can dramatically increase the amount of pageviews on your site/blog. I would have gone further to explain this but Alex of Blogussion has already done an excellent job explaining this with his post; Double Your Pageviews – Pros & Cons of Displaying Partial Posts.

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How to display images properly on Feed Readers

If your images looks like figure 1 online and like figure 2 in your RSS reader or inbox, then you got to follow some simple steps to make them look good. There are two was to do this…

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Add Custom Status or Notes to a Post without a Plugin

How cool it would be to add a note to each post that says where you wrote that from? Or maybe you might want to show off your mood, in the mySpace style or insert answers, “What’s on your mind?” or “What are you doing?” with every post.

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