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SEO Optimizing Permalinks for Blogger Blogs

This trick is useful when you decide to use stylish titles. It can also be used to remove the unnecessary details from the permalink and project the necessary ones. A concise permalink is one tip for SEO (Search engine optimization)

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Better Writing – 7 Tips from Stephen King’s “On Writing”

I shared it on twitter first, got some awesome responses (here and here), so I instantly know, I have to blog this!

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5 Awesome Plugins for Community Building

These wordpress Plugins will help you network better and stay in touch with your readers. Networking is the key to build a great community!

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Getting Quality Backlinks without Link Exchanges

Asking someone is not a bad idea, only a crying baby gets the milk. Even God, who knows all our needs doesn’t deliver any of them until we ask. “Ask and thou shall receive”. But the bitter side is that a link in the form of a link exchange won’t bring you any traffic…

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Theme Up Firefox: Cool Themes and Installation Tips

The Chromifox Theme looks awesome; finally the workplace has something new into it. I was wrong when I thought, Themes add nothing to productivity. It does make Firefox look new and interesting. I can’t take my eyes off from Firefox now 🙂

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