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If you have 1000+ comments awaiting moderation, this is for you

What you need is Akismet. But you probably heard about it already, installed and configured it, and no, nothing happened.Its filtering the spam after its install, but what will I do with the ones I have already?

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What Link Should you leave on other Websites?

In many cases, people land on your homepage via Social Media Links, Links you leave on Guest Posts, Comments, Forums, and Email Footers and via Google. We cannot control the visitors from Google, but see we can control rest of the sources!

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Blogger, Do Something to the Comment Boxes

Just for a comparison (in case you are a google employee), wordpress has a comment box right below the post. Once someone comments on a wordpress, it saves your information as cookies and fetches that when he returns the next time

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5 Awesome Plugins for Community Building

These wordpress Plugins will help you network better and stay in touch with your readers. Networking is the key to build a great community!

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Remove Admin from Recent Comments List (No Plugin)

A tweak with which you can remove your (admin) name from the Recent Comments list. And this time again, no plugins involved 🙂

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