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SEO-ing your Blog with All In One SEO Plugin and Custom Permalinks

Earlier as part of the WordPress Optimization Series, I had written a tutorial on how to install and use the All In One SEO Plugin. It would give you an idea of how to properly configure the plugin and get better results. Read it here. The following questions have come-up, I thought its worth sharing

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Tools and Resources to Write Compelling Post Titles

Google knows that, so eventually the position of the post depends on the keywords on the title and many other parameters, of course. But do not stuff your title with keywords. Here are some tools for keyword research..

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SEO Optimizing Permalinks for Blogger Blogs

This trick is useful when you decide to use stylish titles. It can also be used to remove the unnecessary details from the permalink and project the necessary ones. A concise permalink is one tip for SEO (Search engine optimization)

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Optimizing Permalinks for Better SEO

A well structured permalink tells the web crawler a lot about the page. This information gives the pages a better indexing and better SEO. Moreover, the Google algorithm gives more importance to the keywords in the permalink

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