SEO Optimizing Permalinks for Blogger Blogs

SEO Optimizing Permalinks for Blogger BlogsWordPress users can easily edit their permalinks and optimize them for the Search Engines.

But Blogger bloggers are left with no choice, but to accept the stripped of permalink that Blogger automatically assigns. Blogger takes anywhere between 35 to 45 characters of the post title and simply removes the rest. It might even break a word in half to fit the quota.

Here is a simple hack for the SEO loving Blogger bloggers which precisely explains with an example, how to create custom permalinks on Blogger.

This is how the author puts it:

This trick is useful when you decide to use stylish titles. It can also be used to remove the unnecessary details from the permalink and project the necessary ones. A concise permalink is one tip for SEO (Search engine optimization).

Happy SEO 🙂

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  1. Nice tip that one from themelib.

  2. cheth says:

    Nice post by themelib but as far as I know some third party template designers add this feature when they release it.. But a useful one. Finally i get to see a Blogger post on millionclues 🙂

    • Hey!

      I see, they have it inbuilt.? I wonder how they do that.. that’s news for me 🙂
      btw, I had bookmarked this post the day you asked me about Blogger permalinks back in January. it took a long while to make it live 😛

      Good to see you here again!

      • cheth says:

        Lol i guess you were right.. but there is surely a trick which jackbook used to follow.. i had seen it in one of his templates.. but it doesnt create a perma link on header but i can put below the post. But def a useful hack..

  3. Amal Roy says:

    Thanks Friend this is really gonna help me since i still stick with blogger.

  4. iWrite2Know says:

    I was aware that republishing a post does not change the permalink of a blogger blog post. In such a scenario the title of the page is allowed to change. However I wasn’t sure it worked well for the SEO. Does that mean that the title should be keyword specific? How to choose a perfect keyword for the title? Is there software or a tool that will recommend a keyword depending upon the no. of searches on it? Please suggest. Thank you.

    • Hello,

      Actually the title and the permalink can be different. they need not be the same and there is no conflict with SEO. For instance, the title of this post is “SEO Optimizing Permalinks for Blogger Blogs” while the permalink is “seo-optimizing-permalinks-on-blogger”. I changed the automatically assigned permalink what read “seo-optimizing-permalinks-for-blogger-blogs” to this one.

      You can make this happen on Blogger using the above trick.

      i would answer the rest of the questions as a post, it would help everyone then.. Give me some time please 🙂

      Thanks for dropping in 🙂

  5. Anish K.S says:

    Thanks for this Post Arun.

  6. Nihar says:

    Nice tip…

    It will be helpful for those who are still sticking with Blogspot.

  7. Seo Consultant says:

    Thanks for this useful post…

  8. I found out this trick on my own long back! Also posted it on my blog!

  9. hello brother.
    I want to ask you.
    I want to change my title of my blog if I click permalink
    I publish: new job vacancy
    But, if I/ we click permalink post, I want title is new job vacancy ‘archive blog’

    So, how to embed ‘archive blog’ to my title (on browser) ?

  10. Top seo tips says:

    U are doing awesome in search enzine. u have great knoeledge in seo. it’ll hellpful post for seo thanx for sharing i’m also seo

  11. Jayrweblog says:

    Nice tips here friend. I can apply this on my blog.

  12. SEO company perth says:

    Nice tips…

  13. great says:

    as far i know is impossible to change permalink structure in blogger, too bad…

  14. Rasmus says:

    I am extremely thankful for this advice ! Permalinks in Blogger is really ugly so it’s great to read this 🙂

  15. Divyansh says:

    This was just a guideline on how to save yourself from the boggers nasty fault but not really the solution to change permalink.
    Though its not someones fault..its blogger itself

  16. Suresh says:

    Permalink is working well on my blogger blog but I would like to know whether it is safe to change the addresses of the older posts. What should I do? Shall I redirect the older posts to the new customized permalinks?

  17. Pawneshwer Gupta says:

    nice post..
    keep it up.. 🙂

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