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Browser Bookmarklets for Popular URL Shortners

Some time back I wrote a bookmarklet for Some found it quite useful and told me about it via comments and on twitter. Here are some more shortners.

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Recover Closed Firefox Tabs Easily Using JavaScript

Right click on your Firefox bookmarks tool bar and select “New Bookmark”. Fill in the name with “BACK !!”. That’s the name of our cool powerful back button. In the location box just copy & paste the script below and click Add.

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Theme Up Firefox: Cool Themes and Installation Tips

The Chromifox Theme looks awesome; finally the workplace has something new into it. I was wrong when I thought, Themes add nothing to productivity. It does make Firefox look new and interesting. I can’t take my eyes off from Firefox now 🙂

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Top 10 Web Technologies I can’t live without

Living an online life as a Social Netizen is impossible without some ‘life’ supporting tools and services. Some of them, like Wordpress, give me the very life online, while some others, like Twitter, is Life saving. Thanks to these services, they save my day, every single day…

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Firebug Firefox Plugin – The Love bug of Web Developers

Firebug is a debugging plugin and can be made into good use, no matter you know Web programming (like css or php) or not. In fact, this is more useful for those who do not know web programming and those who get things done by trial and error.

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