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3 ways to Change WordPress Default Username

Changing the default username of WordPress blog is one of the most elementary security measures for preventing it from hacking. By default, the WordPress user name is admin. Normally, people don’t care to change it. By this, you are indirectly helping the hackers.

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The Ultimate Typing Tutor Keyboard

Ever tried learning typing using a Typing Tutor Software? I was told that I shouldn’t look at my keyboard, even if I am doing it all worng. Well, that doesn’t work easily, unless you have military level of discipline, you are gonna look over and over to find the o and the w. The solution?

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The 10 Point Website Optimisation checklist – PDF

Here is one such PDF that gives you a 10 Point list for Site optimization. This book is basically oriented at an Internet Marketer, but most of the points work for bloggers in general. Having said that, if you are (or would love to be) an Internet Marketer, this book has some relevant information and Study reports that will help you design your site better and improve your sales.

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5 Basic Blogging Lessons You Must Remember

While same techniques work for those bloggers, they do not produce even 10% result for 90% readers! Ever thought why? The answer lies in one word …

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Better Writing – 7 Tips from Stephen King’s “On Writing”

I shared it on twitter first, got some awesome responses (here and here), so I instantly know, I have to blog this!

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