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5 Tips To Evaluating Your Networks Performance And Security

Network security and performance is a prerequisite for your company’s IT infrastructure. A secure network is fundamental to the survival and future of your business. However, in the process of establishing a secure network, network performance can be affected. Finding

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Makkah Mosque – WordPress Rebuild With Security In Mind is a mosque in Leeds, UK. While working on contract for Emvigo Technologies, I rebuilt their initial website. The in-house team at Emvigo designed the new website and I coded it using WordPress as a CMS. Since the old

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Finally, Here is a sure shot way to remove WordPress meta Generator Tags

The bad thing about leaving the tags there is that, any potential hacker can easily identify which version you are using. From another angle, if someone manages to find a security glitch in any WordPress version, he would be able to search for all blogs using that particular version.

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Finding the best web hosting provider for your WordPress blog

Whenever you think of carrying out any ecommerce business, it is important to encrypt all your transactions with an SSL certificate, and also to obtain a private dedicated IP, and protect your identity in the WhoIs info database.

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3 ways to Change WordPress Default Username

Changing the default username of WordPress blog is one of the most elementary security measures for preventing it from hacking. By default, the WordPress user name is admin. Normally, people don’t care to change it. By this, you are indirectly helping the hackers.

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