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Subscribe to Blogs via Email without Revealing your Email

From the point of view of the reader, subscribing to a blog via Email has two minor short comings. You cannot get the content when it’s hot. and You have to reveal your email id to the publisher…

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Rich WordPress Themes – Get Exclusive Discount and a Free Theme

This week, I had been in contact with a designer from Canada – Felix Krusch. He has just launched some quality Wordpress Themes, to be exact seven purpose-built Professional themes.

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What Link Should you leave on other Websites?

In many cases, people land on your homepage via Social Media Links, Links you leave on Guest Posts, Comments, Forums, and Email Footers and via Google. We cannot control the visitors from Google, but see we can control rest of the sources!

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Stay Updated on Your Favorite RSS with Gmail

Suddenly I found a lot of information in that small area which I never paid attention before. Make use of it…

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Handsome Content Need a Sexy Queen

Chris Pearson is arguably one of the top theme designers. (Yes!) He designed the Thesis theme and on he explains the functions of a good theme as one that’s accessible, flexible, and usable and of course Search Engine Optimized. I would say that a theme has more work to do…

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