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Marketing: Doing It The Apple Way

I came across a nice little 8 page ebook and found it fascinating. (I wouldn’t have read it if it was too huge in the first place.) This ebook, is called Marketing Apple – 5 Secrets of the World’s Best Marketing Machine.

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Get Started on Search Engine Optimization with Google

Google Webmaster Central Blog is a must watch blog for any webmaster who would like to stay-on-the edge. Recently Google rolled out a SEO Report Card which is an impressive SEO optimization guide.

Here are some awesome resources from the Google Webmaster Central Blog that will help you get started with SEO.

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A Free EBook to Kick-Start with Blogging and Making Money Online

We are talking about Daniel Scocco’s Daily Blog Tips newsletter. Like most other newsletters, sometimes he uses it to market his ventures, but unlike most others, he sends out unique and excellent tips through it. Which means, you get to read those tips which you probably wont find anywhere online.

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Free PDF Creator helps Print Web Forms

I have only one practical application of a PDF Printer, but that’s one thing that hasn’t got a replacement. A PDF Printer comes handy to print filled out web forms. I cant think of an easier way to do it.

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Upload PDF Forms, Get Feedback, Fill and Share them Easily

FillAnyPDF lets you fill in PDF forms and share them online. You don’t even have to create the fields, FillAnyPDF can let you write anywhere on a PDF; No more printouts and faxes.

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