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Where to Find Cool Free Images to illustrate your posts

There are lots of images on the web, but getting copyright free, quality images needs some research. I spend about 10% of my time to make a post, for image-hunting alone and some more time to edit it. Following is a list of places where I start with…

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Twitter tools to find Location and Time of a tweet

Twitter is not a chat, though it’s often used as one. Users are not always online when they talk; it works like the offline messages in IM clients. What if you need to catch someone on Twitter and have a chat? You need to know when the tweepl usually tweets. Tweet O’Clock comes to help.

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Getting Quality Backlinks without Link Exchanges

Asking someone is not a bad idea, only a crying baby gets the milk. Even God, who knows all our needs doesn’t deliver any of them until we ask. “Ask and thou shall receive”. But the bitter side is that a link in the form of a link exchange won’t bring you any traffic…

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Theme Up Firefox: Cool Themes and Installation Tips

The Chromifox Theme looks awesome; finally the workplace has something new into it. I was wrong when I thought, Themes add nothing to productivity. It does make Firefox look new and interesting. I can’t take my eyes off from Firefox now 🙂

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Remove Admin from Recent Comments List (No Plugin)

A tweak with which you can remove your (admin) name from the Recent Comments list. And this time again, no plugins involved 🙂

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