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Greet First Time Commentators without a Plugin

Usually, when a comment is held for moderation, you get the message ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’. Well, this doesn’t help us much; some may not even understand what that mean. The idea is to edit that default message and display a friendly hello message as above.

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Create Beautiful Word Clouds with Wordle

Wordle is a ‘toy’ which lets you create cool word clouds. It can create word clouds from any bunch of words or you can provide a RSS feed or a username and Wordle will automatically fetch the words, and give you a cool word cloud

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How to Host a Successful Contest

Last December I hosted a small contest with the intention to create some buzz. Though the event had some participation, it was way below my expectation. But the learning experience was awesome! Here I sum up some of the lessons I learnt.

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6 Steps to Write a Professional Disclosure for your Blog

Disclosing your policy is never going to take readers away. Instead, being transparent makes you more trust worthy and will definitely glorify your online identity.

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How to deal Content Copiers who copy from your Blog

Gary explains in simple terms, how to claim your copyright (in his own way!). And I seriously support his method; because it gives the infringer one chance to remove your post.

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