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10 Quick Post Ideas you should never try

One good post is worth 100 non-sense posts’. Who cares about the number of posts a blog have? Instead people look for value in every page and when they can’t find anything worth reading, they just quit.

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Nokia E51 is a Tough Phone that looks cool

The phone felt cozy in my hands and instantly I started to like it. The phone has all the cool features one would look for in a smart phone; it was light (just about 100 grams) enough to carry around and looked cute. Nokia E51 is a tough phone for urban use

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RSS or Email: The Choice Guide

RSS is Reader Subscription Service! Well, I just made up that one! From the webmasters point of view it is Really Simple Syndication, but technically, RSS is Rich Site Summary. It’s a comprehensive summary of the contents of the site which includes all the links and images

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Exploit All In One SEO Plugin in 5 Easy Steps

The All in One SEO Pack is your virtual Search Engine Optimizer. It does all the dirty jobs of adding Meta tags, the title tag, adding Meta keywords, adding a post description, avoiding indexing of duplicate pages (like Archives and Category pages) and other SEO stuffs that a normal blogger won’t like doing. And the best part; it’s all automated.

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Send Free SMS and Get Free Advertising worth $100

If you have a product or if you are into affiliate marketing, then now you have more reasons to love this Free SMS service. 160by2 offers free advertising to its users worth Rs 5000 (over $100)

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