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How to Create SMS Subscription Service for your Blog

There are many ways of subscribing to a blog. RSS and Email are the traditional ones. Webmasters do not limit to their Subscription Service to these. You can subscribe via twitter, Yahoo Messenger or Skype using the unique Subscription options of Feedblitz. If you are not satisfied with any of these, you may try adding a SMS Subscription Service using the Google SMS Channels. The set-up procedure follows.

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Learning From Amit Agarwal

Habits that Amit sticks to. He might be getting some 500 emails a day. But he reads every email and replies for the good ones. I usually report some errors on his articles or some news articles. He never forgets to say Thank You or at times Sorry for the trouble. Now that keeps me reading him, again and again.

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7 Things John Chow Can’t Do

Don’t ask me “Who the hell is John Chow?” If you don’t know him, you are missing the best of blogosphere. Looking for a clue? Every successful blogger reads John Chow dot com. (Who told me this..? I read John Chow and he told me this). He is the legend who made $371.17 on this first month with Google Adsense (I made $1.7). But legends have limits. Presenting some crazy things that John Chow can’t dream of doing. (:>)

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Monetize Your Blog and Earn Cash Now!

Nowadays, blogging no longer a hobby alone, but also a career. Many bloggers start their internet business and earn cash with their blogs. Do you believe that a blog can become you money generator? Here I will tell you some methods and ways to make money online via blogging.

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Should You Register Your Domain when You can avail free Services on Blogger or WordPress?

Almost all blogging platforms like Blogger and Wordpress give you with a free sub-domain (that has a tail like in the end). You will get all the advantages and good readership, then why should you go for domain registration and shell out some extra bucks..? I would say that is a good question but, I’ve got an answer. Here it goes…

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