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Best Posts of 2008

Million Clues! was re-launched in the present form on September 3rd with the Hello World Post. Right from that time, I have posted many posts and here are the best of them.

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Protect confidential Passwords by Fooling Keyboard Loggers

Most public computers and office computers use such software to track the activities of its users. See how you can protect your passwords from such Keyboard Loggers.

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Site Goals for 2009

For the first time in my blogging career I am strategizing for a whole year. Here are the site goals of Million Clues! for 2009.

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Add a Fast Forward Button to Respect Reader’s Time

your regular readers and the tech savvy crowd need no introduction; they need the core matter alone. What if you could add a ?jump to content? or ?fast forward? button? Make your own Fast Forward Button!

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Casio Exilim Hidden Hacks

Four hidden tricks with your Casio Exilim Camera. Though these are for exilim alone, they must give you an idea of how to find hacks in your camera too.

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