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Term insurance is the best form of life insurance. But do you need it?

For the last decade or so, whenever I touched the topic of money, it has always been about making money in exchange for time or effort. Lately I have been investing money and it’s about time that I wrote something

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6 Ways to Stay Afloat Financially During Corona

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the way we save and spend our money. Some of us are working with severely reduced incomes right now while others have none at all. This means that we need new saving and spending models

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Data Monetization Tactics: Making the Most of Your ‘Wasted Data’

As a company or business owner, you undoubtedly collect lots of data in your day to day business. You’ll typically use some of this data to grow your business. This could be through marketing. However, it is impossible to use

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4 Tips on Choosing a New Bank

Choosing a bank in which to keep your hard-earned money is one of the things that you should take into serious consideration. Making a poor banking choice can seriously affect the way your life runs. Although money may not be

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5 Ways You Can Work On Your Financial Future

Having financial stability in your future is essential to feeling secure and happy. You should be able to live comfortably and meet your needs, access loans if need be and generally live a better life. What can you do to

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