Learning From Amit Agarwal

I had attended BlogCampKerala last August, where I met Mani Karthik of Daily SEO blog and ever since then I had been reading his blog. Last week, I read an article there which I thought I should share in here. This article is about some habits that successful bloggers share. Amit Agarwal was one of his choices and here are some habits that Amit sticks to. I had been reading Labnol from 2006, so I know these very well.

Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal

Learning From Amit Agarwal

#1 Consistent: Labnol, is updated daily with at least 4 posts a day. Being a full time blogger, Amit works really hard to keep it that way.

#2 He is not afraid of Criticism: I remember how Amit posted a Good-bye note to Bill Gates. He posted a photoshoped image with Bill Gates advising to use Linux. The note would have been gone unnoticed because readers usually would have known about that through TV News. But the image sparked off a hot discussion where many readers including me criticized his way of saying bye to a legend. I said good-bye too.

#3 We are closed on Sundays: Amit takes a break on Sunday, no matter what big event takes place in the industry. I had been reading Labnol for the past 2 years (That was my first subscription to any blog) and I don’t remember seeing a post on Sunday.

#4 Knows the value of Thank You: He might be getting some 500 emails a day. But he reads every email and replies for the good ones. I usually report some errors on his articles or some news articles. He never forgets to say Thank You or at times Sorry for the trouble. Now that keeps me reading him, again and again.

The same applies to Mani Karthik too. He replies to every comment and that makes me comment over and over again. When you get tons of comments, replying to each comment is hard work.

#5 The WOW Plug-in: Mani is the best guy to speak on this.

“Amit’s “WOW” factor in his posts is the simplicity. If you look at his popular posts, all of us would feel unanimously say – “Damn! Why didn’t I think about it earlier?”
That’s exactly what makes the man popular. He has keen attention to details and he brings up all the tips and tweaks possible for even the less important applications.”

This is 100% true. Amit has got crazy ideas. He sometimes posts about things that everyone knows, with some points that you never know. It is rightly said, “Successful men do not do different things, they do things differently”

Go on and read what Mani has to say about other Bloggers as well.

(Image Courtesy: Labnol)

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  1. Quakeboy says:

    Good one.. and I saw ur angry post on Labnol..
    No doubt Windows and Bill gates are great.

    But microsoft is going in bad shape… You can see that by the products that they release recently..

    Except Paint.NET and Live Writer.. I think most of them suck !

  2. balal says:

    @Quakeboy: Microsoft was good with the OS solutions. Everything else sucks. This can be clearly understood, if you notice the no. of products they release and the no. of products that click.

    Thanks for the review Quakeboy, Cheers

  3. atul says:

    Not only the regular updating of a blog is necessary, but it needs a unique creativity in the contents.
    It is a good approach to make a blog popular

  4. kalyan says:

    every blogger should really learn from amit . he works so hard and he is for sure a role model to blogger .

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