Proven Brainstorming Techniques To Boost Your Efficiency

Brainstorming is a traditional way of searching for methods of problem solving, no matter what the problem is: from preparing for research thesis writing to everyday life projects.

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In order to make brainstorming as efficient as possible, you need to learn about the right techniques.

1. Create A Comfortable Atmosphere

One of the main conditions for productive brainstorming is creating comfortable environment where everyone would feel at ease, both mentally and physically.

It’s not like sitting through your exams or essay writing test, so it would be best to get rid of tables and arrange comfortable chairs so that everyone could see each other.

It is believed that majority of new ideas are born during the first half of the working day. This is something that needs to be taken into account when appointing time for a brainstorming session.

After all, each participant has to have enough energy to work and think properly. For obvious reasons, the end of the working day is not the best choice.

2. Invite Participants Who Are Personally Interested In The Matter

When inviting people to a brainstorming session, make sure that the subject matter is of significant importance to all of them.

For example, if you need to decide what should a custom essay service Facebook page must look like, you invite this service staff members and marketing specialists.

But no matter who you invite, make sure they are people that are able to think out of the box; the ones who can offer fresh and unusual solutions.

3. Set Concrete Smart Goals

A task that’s well-defined and understandable for every participant is a must for any brainstorming effort. Think of it as early as on the stage of preparation: analyze all aspects of the issue in question and choose ones that have the most importance for your brainstorming.

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Pre-consideration will help you find the keys to the problem solving. In the case of Facebook account creation and promotion, the key aspects would include creative writing ideas or unconventional ways of attracting subscribers.

4. Start With Individual Brainstorming

Inform all participants about the main topic of your brainstorming session beforehand. If they have time for personal consideration of the subject matter, they’ll feel more at ease and confident during your discussion. Some ideas that may arise during pre-consideration may serve as a launch pad for creative thinking.

While there are many types of brainstorming, the most efficient one is what all team members have an opportunity to consider new ideas in complete peace and silence. Everything that comes into mind gets written on paper stickers. After that, each participant shares his or her ideas. This kind of approach makes everyone listen to others and, at the same time, improve his/her own ideas.

5. Find a skillful moderator

It’s the moderator who is responsible for the brainstorming session results. As a rule, it’s a person with good communicative skills who supervises the discussion and controls the general mood within your brainstorming group.

In the beginning, the moderator has to give a boost to the discussion and to convince everyone that it’s now that they can come up with some very unusual and creative ideas. Keeping it this way throughout the session is one of the most important moderator’s tasks — as well as making sure your group keeps us with the time frames set for this separate session and doesn’t get distracted with minor issues.

6. Don’t Lose The Results You’ve Achieved

You have to remember that the quality of ideas that may arise during your brainstorming session is much more important than their quantity. This is why you have to make sure that you spend more time filtering out the most creative ideas than you do on finding those ideas. Choose the initiatives that seem most promising for your goals and keep working with them only.

If you want your brainstorming to always be effective and productive, you know it will take some effort. Practice writing down some ideas before you even start your session, don’t be afraid to discuss them with others, take constructive criticism into consideration and learn to work in a team — and you will always be able to come up with creative and useful ideas.

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