5 Simple Tips To Be Physically Active And Fit Despite Your Busy Schedule

Sounds a bit ironic? Doesn’t a busy schedule equate to being physically active? No, not really. Tell that to a guy who sits half a day grating his fingers away on his computer, unsigned papers stacked 10 feet on his desk and to-do lists pinned unceremoniously on his board. Worse, people with busy schedules tend to rush eating and thus, fall into the dreaded fast food diet – yikes!

Just thinking about it can mentally (and emotionally) drain most people – especially those with the same case. So, how do you stay physically active when all you seem to do is slave your mind and body away to your work?

1. Engage in Workplace Exercise

Yes, it’s possible. And no, it doesn’t mean hardcore pushups and deadly burpees. If you’re working in an office space, chances are you get less human interaction and even less physical activity. And no, lifting a soda bottle in your mouth doesn’t count. Start with simple 5-minute break every hour of work. Walk around the office, chat with your colleagues, walk a flight of steps, go to the pantry and drink water. All this “little” activity will gradually work your body, not to mention the benefits of increased mental stamina.

2. Start Walking

That’s right. You thought you were walking enough, but are you? Most of us tend to ride something if it means not having to use our delicate feet or damage the shoes we bought. The secret is to wake up a bit early and set your time ahead your schedule, this way you reserve time for short brisk walks. Instead of riding a cab for work that’s less than 10 blocks away, why not just walk? You save money, you get exercise and experience the joy of actually using your feet, what’s not to like?

3. Eat Healthy

You had this coming, eating healthy doesn’t just mean reducing the frequency of your snacking, it means eating the right food at the right time at the right quantity. Avoid sugary and salty snacks that are high in fats, these types of food will slow you down and tire you fast, making you a living zombie. Instead of cheerios and Pringles, why not try diced fruits or salad with sumptuous dressings. Heck, with these alternatives, you can even eat as much as you want without feeling like a total wreck after.

4. App it Up

There are TONS of available apps online to assist your workout regimen, but if you’re looking for a cooler way to do it, then Pact is the right app for you. It basically lets you earn cash for staying active, paid by members who don’t. How’s that for motivation? Check it out today.

5. Go biking

If you haven’t experienced the joy of riding a bicycle yet, then you’re missing out on A LOT, buddy. Biking can improve your health, wealth and even the environment. It’s like you have a free gym on wheels without the hassle of finding the time to hit the gym. Here’s a little detail – bicycle commuters lose 13 pounds in their first year of cycling. It’s also vastly cheaper than driving and you know exactly WHY. Checking out shops, like Cycling Express, for bikes online can show you the different models available and you may buy one that’s right for you.

Being fit and with your busy schedule doesn’t seem too hard, doesn’t it?

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