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10 Work/Life Balance Tips for Freelancers

Maintaining the balance between work and life is stressful. By devoting yourself completely to your work, you find that you have no time for the more important things. Pull yourself back, become more efficient and relax. Life is more important than work.

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10 Surefire Tips to Avoid Distractions While Working

To help ensure that your workspace stays relatively interruption free and distractions are kept to a minimum, here are a few tips that may help you stay focused, on task, and productive.

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Group All Open Tabs into One Single Tab in Firefox

Having a lot of tabs open is a distraction, it becomes hard to navigate after a while. Too many tabs makes Firefox slower and consumes a lot of memory (even after using RAMBack). I found a solution to my problem.

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Organise Gmail Emails with Folders

I got a sneak-peak into some of Gmail accounts (na, I didn’t hack). I saw that they were using labels to sort their emails; did you know that you could organize emails into folders?

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9 Ways how FreeMind Helps you Work Better

FreeMind is my choice of software for Mind Mapping. Its simple, Free and awesome. Here are nine ways how you can make good use of FreeMind.

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