Running Out of Ideas? 3 Tips on Finding New Material for Your Blog

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One of the biggest obstacles that bloggers face after they’ve been at it for awhile is running out of material to blog about. You’ve already used all your best ideas, and anything that you can think of has already been done before a million times. You may have lost your initial motivation, and so you stop blogging for days, weeks, maybe even months.

Here are a few tips to generate new ideas and get over your “blogger’s block”.

1. Read blogs, news, and books outside your niche.

Look Outside Your Niche

Inspiration isn’t some sort of magic that materializes out of thin air. It’s highly influenced by your environment. So if you are doing the same things ever day, reading about the same subjects all the time, then chances are you are stuck in your rut because nothing new is inspiring you.

Try taking up new hobbies, reading new books, and experiencing new things. You’d be surprised by how making changes in your life, even if it isn’t related to blogging, can give you a breath of fresh air and renewed motivation to keep blogging.

2. Write about anything that moves you personally.


Sometimes our blog writing stagnates because we don’t really care what we are writing about. If you’ve lost interest in your blog’s subject matter, consider switching to something that you are passionate about.

The best writing whether it’s for your blog or for anything else always comes from a combination of knowledge and emotional engagement. In other words, write what you know, as the old saying goes, and, more importantly, write what you love.

3. Ask your readers what they want.

Ask em!

If you are experiencing a minor bout of blogger’s block, then approach those who can best give you an indication on what to write about next your readers! After all, your audience is what keeps your blog going, and since they read your blog regularly, they know your blog and niche just as much as you do.

One way to figure out what your readers want is to revisit all your comments, read them thoroughly, and figure out if you can get ideas from there. You can also simply send emails to readers asking for suggestions, especially those who comment often or those you know personally.

These are just a few methods I’ve personally used to scope out new material for my blog. A case of “blogger’s block”, whether mild or severe, can hit anyone without a moment’s notice, so don’t worry if you come down with a case of it. As long as you keep an active and upbeat mind, it’ll eventually pass.

Hang in there and keep blogging!

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  1. Anish K.S says:

    Now its really tough tofind variety ideas for posts.

  2. Ishan says:

    Going outside the niche is something that many people forget and it is most effective method. Other blogs can pretty easily give rise to new ideas.
    It’s amazing how some bloggers will lock themselves in “walls” of their niche.
    Good article. Retweeted! 🙂

  3. Bligbook says:

    Nice points…always appreciated….

  4. Jasmine says:

    That’s great tips to find new ideas to blog about! Sometimes I also check the news to see if there is anything worth blogging about or not.

  5. Nithin K Anil says:

    Great tips… will follow these tips

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  7. callumacrae says:

    Some great ideas, thanks.

    My website provides articles about PHP, so I often find that if I lurk in a forum or IRC channel and see what people are talking about, I can find something new or something I haven’t covered yet. I also have analytics on my site, so I can see what articles on my website get the most reads, and write more about them.

    There’s always the writing about recent major events idea too 🙂


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