Top 5 Reasons: Why We Give More Importance To IIT

IIT or Indian Institute of Technology serves as India’s premier institute that has been known for producing top engineers in the country.

IIT is a big institute, and it was established at the beginning of the 1960s with the intention of providing a highly systematic engineering study so that students can help in India’s progress in modernization and industrialization.

IIT Bombay Campus

IIT Bombay Campus (source)

IIT currently has 17 campuses in different parts of the country but not all the campuses comes under the top rated colleges in India where the student works hard to get an entry.

The facilities that IIT colleges provide can’t be matched with traditional engineering colleges and most of the students bag jobs in top companies in India as well as the world. Getting an entry in IIT is very tough as lakhs of student appear in the IIT entrance examination, but only a few thousand gets an entry in IIT.

One has to rank below 3000 to get an entry into top colleges of IIT, so things get more intense. But once a student passes from any IIT Institute they won’t have to look back. Almost every student at the end of their course gains a good amount of knowledge which allows them to grab jobs top companies with a large salary.

Reasons Why We Give Importance to IIT

The following five points will depict some reasons which will point out the main reason that why we provide more importance to IIT than other institutes in India:

1. Top Institute of India

First and foremost, IIT is the top institute of India and one of the best in the world to pursue graduation. There are many courses offered by IIT campuses that include B.Tech, M.Tech, B.Pharm, MBA, Ph.D., etc. IIT offers some of the best courses in the country although you will find same courses in various other universities.

People put more importance to IIT because the course is curated in such a way that student can gain maximum knowledge during their course which will help them to become successful in their career. All the courses are thoroughly managed by top governing bodies so that there isn’t any loophole.

2. IIT Campuses

The facilities provided by IIT campuses are huge, and only a few institutes can match up to the list of the facilities. Every campus of IIT is equipped with high-speed LAN, DC++, a large theater, cafes, etc. Every student in IIT is allotted with a personal room, and they can stay until the end of the course.

Every room has a bed, cupboard, study table, ceiling fan and other facilities. Students get access to state of the earth libraries that open throughout the day. There are sports ground for students which include football, cricket, basketball, badminton, tennis, etc.

3. Placement Services

Placement serves as a crucial reason for which people provide tremendous importance towards joining IIT and due to this huge number of students opt for recruitment especially IIT Bombay recruitment.

Companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Amazon, FedEx, Samsung, Apple, Deutsche Bank, Adobe, Intel, Oracle, etc. recruit IIT students.

Many government enterprises in India directly recruit students from IIT. So after acquiring a job, the career and financial growth of IIT students reach a new height. These companies enable them to learn new things which provide them the path to learn and discover new things.

Most of the students are offered with a minimum salary of 10 lacks per annum, and it increases with performance. If you have proper knowledge, then you can grab a job with pay package more than a crore in a year. So this why IIT gets more importance than other institutes in the country.

4. Studying Under The Guidance

Another reason that people provide enormous importance towards IIT is you will be studying under the guidance of some best brains in the country. All the professors in the IIT campuses are highly experienced and qualified so they know how to guide students so that they can excel in their career.

Apart from teachers, you will get acquainted with many intelligent students from whom you can learn many things. When you are studying with some of the best brains in the country, you will automatically get molded for a progressive future.

5. To Find New Hidden Talents

IIT colleges allow student to explore their talents by providing clubs for Fine Arts, Drama, Music, Dance, Aeromodelling, Robotics, Electronics, Astronomy, Sports, etc. Students join these clubs where they can explore their passion and find new hidden talents within them.

Every year IIT organizes different event and festivals where they get to meet with students from various other institutes. Management skills and social skills are also improved when you are an IIT student.

So the points as mentioned above depict the five reasons that people provide immense importance towards IIT colleges. This fact is evident when you go through the number of appearance for IIT entrance examination. For example, the student studies for two-three years to pass IIT Bombay recruitment process.

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