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Impact of Colors in Web Designing

Designing websites isn’t only about creating something tempting. There must to have thought supporting all design related choices. Selection of colors can be conflicting between the success and failure of a website.

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How to See Your Blog Before the DNS is Updated

The reason why you cannot see your site before the DNS is updated is because the browser doesn’t have the ip address of your host. Since most of the time, your site would be on shared hosting, so typing in the ip address directly into your browser won’t work either

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If you have 1000+ comments awaiting moderation, this is for you

What you need is Akismet. But you probably heard about it already, installed and configured it, and no, nothing happened.Its filtering the spam after its install, but what will I do with the ones I have already?

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How do you link to a Person? Twitter? or Blog?

Now that we are in the AT, when we decide to mention another person on one of the posts, you have two options – Link to their Twitter Profile? or Link to their Blog?

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Disable TweetCount Plugin on Specific WordPress Pages

I have been using the BackType TweetCount WordPress Plugin to display the Re-tweet button and Tweet Count. The plugin is feature rich, but lacks one simple feature – The ability to disable it on any specific page or post. This could be really sad in some cases, like when your blog homepage shows a static page and you probably don’t like to show the count. Pages are seldom re-tweeted.

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