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Quizzes Made Easy With Quizzin – WordPress Plugin

Today I tried out one of the WordPress Plugins of @BinnyVA for a friend of mine, its named Quizzin – A simple, yet feature rich plugin that will help you do quizzes on WordPress Blogs. This is a quick guide on how to use the Plugin.

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Group All Open Tabs into One Single Tab in Firefox

Having a lot of tabs open is a distraction, it becomes hard to navigate after a while. Too many tabs makes Firefox slower and consumes a lot of memory (even after using RAMBack). I found a solution to my problem.

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A Free Sample Help Boost Sales of Premium Products

I hope some of you might have realized the power of Free and how it works. FREE E Book, Free Giveaway, Free Noodles – People see it and they rush in. Anything Free is good. I would like to discuss a real situation where we could apply the power of Free to sell other Premium products.

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Targets are Important For Blogging Success

Blogging is not always fun, if you have blogged for a month, you know this. But those who push it even after it starts to get boring, finds success. Still, you need something to keep going, and that’s where Targets come in.

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Must ‘Do List’ for Successful Blogging

Some Tested and Tried ways to Get Successful with Blogging. A Guest Post by Girish

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