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2018 Web Design Trends Every Good Designer Should Know

Every year, certain trends associated with web design head into the forefront. Beginning in 2016, a major shift took place that significantly impacted web design, a trend that will continue to come to fruition in 2018. In 2016, mobile device

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Portfolio Website Design For A Photographer

Milana is a photographer and an artist from Indonesia. She approached me for a website to serve as a portfolio of her photographs that she could present to potential clients. Since the objective of the website was to portray her

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Impact of Colors in Web Designing

Designing websites isn’t only about creating something tempting. There must to have thought supporting all design related choices. Selection of colors can be conflicting between the success and failure of a website.

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Make a Full Width Page For Your WordPress Theme

A Full Width Page is one that has no sidebars and all the width of the page is just content. Such a page has many applications. You might not wish to show sidebars on your contact page for instance. Well, lets see some better applications of Full-Width Pages.

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15+ Most Common Web design mistakes Reviewed

The top most common web design mistakes were made in 2009. There are several websites where web designers were unable to come up with a proper web designing solution.

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