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How to See Your Blog Before the DNS is Updated

The reason why you cannot see your site before the DNS is updated is because the browser doesn’t have the ip address of your host. Since most of the time, your site would be on shared hosting, so typing in the ip address directly into your browser won’t work either

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Bandwidth Monitoring Tool for Windows Vista and Seven

I was using the Free Bandwidth Monitor on my Windows XP PC, but once I switched to Vista (64 bit), the 32 bit software ceased to work. Free Bandwidth Monitor was simple and efficient; after trying out many other softwares, I am now happy with NetWorx – A free, simple, Bandwidth Monitoring and Analysis Tool.

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Monitor Bandwidth Usage with Free Bandwidth Meter

Shaplus Softwares brings you a Free Bandwidth Monitor that meters the usage in real time. It stays on your taskbar near the system clock and records the usage

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Direct Download Windows 7 and Install it without a DVD

In the 20-step tutorial to Install Windows 7 or Windows Vista without a DVD or Pen drive, Amal explains with examples, how you can install the OS from you hard disc which not only saves the DVD, but is much faster then the DVD install

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