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5 Plugins WordPress should Adopt

These plugins are so simple and light that the WordPress team should consider including them in the WordPress core. If you have missed any of these, use them; else consider this as an email to the WordPress team!

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Get the Shortest URLS the Fastest Way

There is a faster way to get the URL shortened, without using any bandwidth. I made a bookmarklet using the simple API and here it is…

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Self Promotion and Affiliate Links are Sins?

A friend of mine, who is just about to start a blog, asked me some interesting questions:
1. Do you think promoting your own links on Social Networks is fair?
2. What about affiliate links? Is it ok to include affiliate links in your posts?

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Upload PDF Forms, Get Feedback, Fill and Share them Easily

FillAnyPDF lets you fill in PDF forms and share them online. You don’t even have to create the fields, FillAnyPDF can let you write anywhere on a PDF; No more printouts and faxes.

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The Cost of Opportunity

Being the fist gave them the opportunity to learn stuffs and master them before the rest even noticed them. By the time people started making money online, and Blogging, they were the Guru’s and the masses had only one option – to follow them. Why do Bloggers rush to pull out updates of the latest from the web?

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