Send Free SMS and Get Free Advertising worth $100

Free SMS and Free Advertising from 160by2SMS portals that allow you to send Free SMS via GPRS or via internet are very popular. 160by2 was one of the first such portals in India. The mobile portal of 160by2 is fast loading and clean and it was my favorite Free SMS portal via GPRS. You can even send an Email as SMS using this Free SMS service.

I had written a review of 160by2 some time back; read more about 160by2 and learn how to send Free SMS via internet or GPRS. That’s not the focus of this post. 160by2 has something more in store!

Free Advertisement from 160by2

If you have a product or if you are into affiliate marketing, then now you have more reasons to love this Free SMS service. 160by2 offers free advertising to its users worth Rs 5000 (over $100). This service is actually an ad-supported free service. As the name says, its 160/2 = 80 each for the user and the advertiser. The user can use the first 80 characters to actually send the SMS, the remaining 80 characters of the SMS is ad-space. This is where your ad is going to appear!

Once you have successfully registered with 160by2 using your mobile number (and logged in, of course!) go to the My Ads Tab. Everything else is self explanatory, you just have to key in the content of the ad. You can also decide the budget for the ad, so you don’t have to finish up the whole 5000 bucks on a single ad. You can have multiple ad campaigns.

You got more mobile connections? Each connection is a multiplier, so if you have 3 mobile connections, you get 3 X 5000. Wow! That’s Free Advertising worth Rs 15,000. You have to create three separate 160by2 accounts and each account gets ad budget worth Rs 5000. Now you can advertise for Rs 15,000.

All ads are manually verified and edited if necessary, so it’s impossible to sell those illegal software copies or you-know-what-xxx stuffs with 160by2.

Create your free ad now, and reach out to over 3 million 160by2 users from every corner of India! Sending Free SMS is a great idea 🙂

Hello, I am Arun Basil Lal. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Nihar says:

    Thanks for the info. I will check this out and try sending sms…

  2. Quakeboy says:

    Hey buddy.. is it okay to create multiple account and advertise the same product for example ?

    All of them are verified right. Is it ok according to TOS ?
    Thanks for the info. Will find a good use for it.

    • Arun says:

      I havent read the TOS yet, but I dont think there should be any problem with having mutiple accounts, its one account per connection. Also all ads are verified, so you can try that yourself. Hope, I get some SMS from you from 160by2.. 🙂

  3. Chinese Girl says:

    I have just checked out that site, I think it works only for the mobiles of India, am I right?

  4. George says:

    That is a great news.Eventhough I receive many SMS from 160by2 and seen many advertisements on SMS never understood this possibility.Great catch

  5. Amax says:

    Great free advertising on mobile phones–the wave of the future. Thanks. For more traditional free Internet advertising you might want to take a look at […link…]

  6. Sham says:

    Eh dude how to finish off de created campaign i dont find any button to save the details?

  7. Oladosu says:

    Luv u

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