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Optimizing Permalinks for Better SEO

A well structured permalink tells the web crawler a lot about the page. This information gives the pages a better indexing and better SEO. Moreover, the Google algorithm gives more importance to the keywords in the permalink

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Twitter Quick Start Guide

What is Twitter?, How to Update on Twitter?, How to get Followers in Twitter? The answers for these questions and some basic twitter guidelines are explained here.

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Direct Download Windows 7 and Install it without a DVD

In the 20-step tutorial to Install Windows 7 or Windows Vista without a DVD or Pen drive, Amal explains with examples, how you can install the OS from you hard disc which not only saves the DVD, but is much faster then the DVD install

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And The Winners Are…

The Christmas New Year Giveaway just ended. And the winners are…

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Chance to win 132501 Entrecard Credits

Entrecard now presents with a chance to win 132501 Entrecard Credits. That would mean free advertising in some of the busiest blogs online.

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