Finding the best web hosting provider for your WordPress blog

Guest Article by John Thomson from Web Hosting Art

The Pefect WordPress Host for your NeedFor those whoโ€™re on a look out for the perfect web hosting agency to provide the needful to set up a good WordPress blog, there are certain things that must be on top of your cards, before you make your decision. So let us quickly check up with the basic things that youโ€™d badly need in your web hosting plan, and also how to ensure that you maintain good level of security in case youโ€™re planning to run an online store or even otherwise.

The first and the foremost thing that you must ensure is that your web hosting provider supports both Windows as well as Linux hosting. Precisely Linux hosting is what you need to set up WordPress blog-type website, but it always good to have Windows hosting support too. Moreover, most of the web-hosting agencies offer Windows & Linux Hosting at the no additional cost.

Optimizing performance of your WordPress Blog

With the help of a number of plug-ins available, one can optimize the performance of your WordPress blog, though the web host should also provide you certain other features as well. There are various ways of optimizing performance, apart from the handy plug-ins. The web host should ensure 99.9% uptime, while your host must also be able to help you out in carrying an effective SEO campaign too.

SEO and Security of your blog must be on top of your cards

The All-In-One SEO Pack is the master plug-in, which helps in improving the performance of your WordPress blog, and also improves the search engine ranking of your blog by automatically segregating meta-data.

Whenever you think of carrying out any ecommerce business, it is important to encrypt all your transactions with an SSL certificate, and also to obtain a private dedicated IP, and protect your identity in the WhoIs info database.

Unless youโ€™re planning upon launching an online store or carrying out any money transactions, the security is not usually on top of the cards, though protection from spam and cloning bots is indeed quite necessary. As a matter of fact, various data scrapers even clone entire websites of hundreds and thousands of pages filled with precious info, so the chances are high that your site may be duplicated over-night and your business may be seriously hampered due to lack of security of your web host.

Before you finalize upon the web hosting provider, you must ensure that your host is capable of doing whatever is offered as per the part of the deal. Even the biggest of industry giants sometimes fail to meet the expectations of the customers, no wonder your web host may not be able to live up to your expectations. You must also ensure that your host offering 30days money back guarantee so that you may be able to monitor the quality of service and support offered during the first month, and check whether it meets your expectations or not.

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  1. Amal Roy says:

    Dream Host is one of the best ones around. A good blog certainly need a good host.

  2. Alok says:

    Arun can you suggest me some good hosting(Windows+Linux based) providers.

    • I have heard that host monster is the best around. I have passed this question to the author, he might respond. I am moving to hostgator this september ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Jennifer says:

    I would recommend “Host Gator” because it’s very cheap and reliable. Their support service is awesome. This company offers site building tools, application vault, web mail, antivirus, Php, MysQL and hosts unlimited websites in one plan. Don’t go for free web hosting.They are not reliable. Check it out here:

  4. lovephileo3 says:

    Many companies talks like they can really do the job. It always pays to do a research of companies offering affordable web hosting services.

    Deciding which web host to get the services of should take time, it shouldnโ€™t be done in haste. Remember that it is your money that is at stake.

    • I think most people turn to the market leaders when it comes to hosting. Most of my friends are either on dream host or host gator or host monster or godaddy. And these people deliver often unless you have specific need, in that case you will have to do some research.

      Thanks for dropping in to share your point ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. lovephileo3 says:

    If your WordPress blog does not require many complexities, you can do well with an affordable web hosting service provider. You really donโ€™t have to spend a fortune as there are many reliable web hosts out there that do not charge a lot of money to get your site up and running on the World Wide Web.

  6. Nihar says:

    How about hostgator? is it also good?

  7. I would prefer a host which has 24×7 Support and 99.9% uptime. Searching for a better host to switch…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. For Technical Information says:

    GoDaddy is the best webhosting service providers i have ever seen.Reasonable pricing and good service..and above all very friendly and powerful control panel options…..They provide both LINUX(for php with mysql) and windows(for .net with MS SQL) hosting solutions

  9. Release Candidate says:

    It is not always a better choice to select a free host, but some of them are really good! Deciding a web-host is among a very important decision is the blogging career.

    • Of course its important to choose the right host, but its not very critical I guess. In case you mess up with your present host, you can always change easily. But if some breakthroughs come in when you are at a cheap host, then you really miss the change. Better be safe.

  10. Dubai Night Club says:

    this information are helpful

  11. Danny says:

    I use a few web hosts, two of which are hostgator and hostmonster. I think one of the important things I look out for is cpanel with fantastico so that it make installation easy. 99% or 100% uptime is something I also look out for with 24/7 online or email customer support.

  12. Rosario says:

    Wow.. Thanks for the post.. very nice ๐Ÿ™‚

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  14. komin says:

    Hi Arun, We provide list of the world top 10 best web host providers. Please check our site:
    Thank you.

  15. Charles says:

    Charles here….. The beginning step is to look for a web hosting provider that fits your budget. There are plenty of web hosting choices so you are certain to be able to find one that fits your needs and your wallet. The best thing to do is to review your choices and compare what they have to offer. It is important to compare like features to like features. This can prove to be difficult when products are in special bundles…. read more… Tips for Finding the Best Web Hosting

  16. ahbir says:

    cheack out this site i hope u will like this
    here have cheap hosting for ur web hosting

  17. dan says:

    Nice Sharing…. now its easy for all to choose there host.

  18. Swiss Web Hosting says:

    Yes! I totally agree that right after you have chosen the web hosting plan for you, you should conduct a review about the quality of services your getting because if not, then, you paid for the wrong company. This totally helps website owners to think things over before acquiring web hosting services!

  19. Debby Major says:

    Always looking at web hosting services that fit the over-all budgets of clients for all needs. Support is crucial. I have used the Go”ahem” and others and still shopping around. I have paid into wrong companies that did not pay much attention to loyalty. I will continue to broker for clients so that they are working smart and not hard. The bottom line is customer service and quality servers.

  20. Mark Smiithh says:

    Web Hosting in India are learnt to be maintaining a complete non-partisan stance towards their services to any of their clients, be they from India or from overseas. Keeping in mind, the exchange rate of rupees with dollar being much lower and staffing cost being lower also in contrast to that of in offshore, those hosting companies charge website owners from India in a very little reduced pricing.

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