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10 Ambient Radio Stations for a Chilled-Out

While one radio station is not necessarily better than another, there are several online radio stations with hundreds, even thousands, of listeners. The top ten most listened-to ambient radio stations vary, but are currently as follows…

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Display Tweets in Your Posts with Tweet Freezer

There are many reasons why you would need to show off some tweets in your blog posts. You might want to do so while: -Writing reports of any events that was extensively covered by live tweets. -Sharing a funny story from twitter where you might have to show some tweets.

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Building Websites and Making Money with WordPress – Presentation

I was at College of Engineering, Thalassery, yesterday giving a talk on how to easily build websites using WordPress. Here are the slides and notes.

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3 Better Uses for Digg

Once I tried to crack into Digg, but gave up the plan after a discussion with @ManiKarthik for many reasons. But I have come to find Digg very useful for other things. Here are they.

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The Case for a Content Management System for Your Website Design

Has Content Management Systems come to a point in their development to have replaced conventional static websites in main stream website design? I personally think so. Content Management Systems even in their most basic form offer so many benefits that they can be ignored no longer.

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