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10 Work/Life Balance Tips for Freelancers

Maintaining the balance between work and life is stressful. By devoting yourself completely to your work, you find that you have no time for the more important things. Pull yourself back, become more efficient and relax. Life is more important than work.

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How To Create Short URL’s on your WordPress Domain without a Plugin or Script

If you are on WordPress you wont need any of those. Inherently, every post can be queried from the database using its post ID. For instance, this link and this link point to the same post.

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Fix For BuddyPress Activity Stream Not Showing Up on HomePage

First idea on my mind was to roll back to WordPress 3.0. So I googled for some WordPress downgrading plugins. Fortunately or Unfortunately there are none. Any plugin developers reading this? You might want to make the First WordPress Downgrade Plugin. Heck, I can code, I understand WordPress, why not fix the issue? And here it is, the work around.

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Simple Ways to Generate Buzz About Your Blog

When it comes to the success of your blog – there is no way that you can achieve success by simply writing articles, posting them and then going offline. Today’s world is marketing oriented. Even if you write good quality content, you must have the ability to market them well.

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How a Catchy Gif can Double Your Daily Subscriber’s Count?

How many of your daily visitors gets converted as your subscribers? It is a measure of success of your blog/website content and quality. In this period of Information Overload, people only subscribes to the best one available out there.

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